Cannabis And Bacon. Enough Said.

Some aromas are simply magical. The wafting, savory aroma of bacon is one; the dank, fragrant smoke of cannabis is another.

So how did it take so long for the Internet to combine the two?

Regardless, PRØHBTD has done the world a favor and published this video recipe for "Cannabis-Infused Collards And Bacon". It contains lots of leafy greens in case you feel guilty about eating bacon cooked in cannabutter.


Our galaxy will seem a lot smaller in the near future as space tourism emerges as a new sector in the travel industry. But as companies begin booking passengers for extra-terrestrial flights, they will also have to sort out what you can and can't legally do in outer space - whether that involves mining gold from an asteroid or smoking a joint on the moon. That's where experts like Frans von der Dunk come in.

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