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Marijuana And The Modern Lover: Cannabis Fuels Romance-Related Business

There are now niche dating apps for Goths, wannabe Mile-High Club initiates, and people who love salad - so it stands to reason that cannabis consumers, too, now have tailored options for hooking up.

There's been a lot of buzz about High There!, a "smart, sexy, and sticky-icky" app that works kind of like Tinder. First, confirm you're in a legal state. Then, create a profile stating your preferences. Dig smoking blunts? Nibbling edibles? Are you high-energy, or more Netflix-and-chill? The app weeds out those who don't share your preferences, whether for dates or...other...types of connections. (Note: there are plenty of less-legit, extremely phishy-looking 420-friendly "dating services" out there: choose wisely.)

If you successfully negotiate the weird world of cannabis-centred online dating and really hit it off, start planning the wedding with CannaBride. It's a smart concept. After all, weddings include some of pot-smokers' favourite things: food, smooching, pretty colours, dancing, and music. And more and more young women - the primo demographic for wedding blogs - are openly declaring their appreciation of weed. Via CannaBride, happy couples can select "Budonnieres" and bud-bouquets for the big day, browse specialty bakers, and look at loads of other ways to celebrate their love of weed as well as each other.

But let's say you still haven't found a like-minded person to share your bliss. When it's time to call in the big guns, get in touch with Highly Devoted founder Molly Peckler. Peckler is almost definitely the world's first dating coach catering exclusively to weed enthusiasts. Her site sheds a little light on the rationale for amalgamating matchmaking and getting high.

"I love cannabis, and that affects my attitude, values and perspective on life. I can connect with a fellow cannabis enthusiast better than a relationship expert who looks down on marijuana [...] It's easy to lose hope when you can't seem to meet the right person, especially when you've been unfairly judged for your love of cannabis in the past."

While most people would, you know, moderate their habits before they'd hire a pro-cannabis dating coach, Peckler may be on to something.

Relationships in which only one partner smokes can be frustrating, and anecdotal evidence suggests relationships work better when both parties can agree on their usage.

As for the growth of cannabis and romance-related business? It's all part of the Green Rush, baby. Don't be surprised to see more apps and services cashing in on weed-love cropping up in the coming months and years.

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