This Powerful Op-Ed Explains How One Person Kicked Their Opioid Addiction Using Cannabis

We often hear about how marijuana can be used as an alternative for opioids, but it may not be clear why that is. But a new op-ed is looking to help teach people about the powers of cannabis.

David Henry Sterry wrote an op-ed for the Daily Beast about how he was able to kick his opioid addiction with the help of marijuana. Sterry said he began taking opioids after a knee replacement left him with major pain. He began increasing the dosages on his medicine until he was violently vomiting up to 10 times a day from the medication. Knowing he had to kick his habit, he quit the opioids cold turkey.

But he soon began feeling withdrawal symptoms and knew he had to do something. So he decided to brew some cannabis tea. He began timing his cannabis intake so that when the high from the previous tea went away, the high for a new tea kicked in. That way he wouldn't experience any withdrawal pain. 

After a week of that schedule, he was finally able to completely kick his opioid addiction.

Sterry's story is a little different than other opioid addicts. His addiction was more of a short-term situation, whereas some opioid addicts have had their problems for years and years. But still Sterry's story shows how people trying to kick their addiction can use cannabis as a way to get rid of withdrawal symptoms, which often lead people back to addiction. 

To read Sterry's full story, head over to the Daily Beast.

(h/t Daily Beast)


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