Marijuana Advocates in Massachusetts Roll 100 Foot Long Joint

Everyone knows someone who's perfected the art of rolling a joint. But do you know someone who can roll a 100 foot joint? Well if you live in Massachusetts, you just might.

A marijuana advocacy group in Boston called "Beantown Greentown" held an event last week in which they rolled a 100-foot joint. To do so, they needed more than 1,000 grams of cannabis. The giant joint appeared at an exhibition for pro-marijuana vendors in anticipation for the state of Massachusetts legalizing recreational cannabis in 2018.

Now you're probably wondering if this is a World Record. But unfortunately, we may never know the answer to that question. The Guinness Book of World Records is based in the United Kingdom, where marijuana is still illegal. So when Beantown Greentown contacted the organization to record their joint rolling officially, they declined. So until someone rolls a 101 foot joint, we'll just have to assume this is unofficially a world record.

(h/t Boston)


Nowadays, would your parents still be upset if they caught you consuming cannabis? Parents these days have much more progressive opinions on cannabis, and perhaps if they caught their kids consuming, they wouldn't necessarily punish them. While some parents still want their children to wait until the legal age to consume (if they choose to do so, at all), others don't believe it would be the end of the world if they "caught" their kids smoking pot earlier than that.

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