This Map Gives You Wi-Fi Information For Airports Around The World

When you’re already jet-lagged and have to wait out a six-hour layover in some unfamiliar maze of an airport, the last thing you want to do is wander aimlessly in search of a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Now you might not have to.

Travel blogger and computer security engineer Anil Polat has created a handy digital map that shares the log-on information for airports across the globe.

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Included with each airport available on the map is the Wi-Fi name, password and where travellers should perch themselves to pick up the best signal. The list also includes the login information for lesser-used Wi-Fi spots in places like restaurants, bars and lounges throughout the airport.

The map currently includes login information for 127 different airports around the world, but the list is always growing. If travellers encounter an airport whose log-on information isn’t included in the map, they can send their findings to Polat, who verifies them before tacking them on.   

The list is constantly being updated on Polat’s website, and on Google Maps. The map is also available as a $1.99 offline app called WiFox for iOs and Android.

h/t Travel and Leisure 


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