This Map Shows How Much Weed People Smoke Around the World

When you think about the countries that consume the most marijuana, you probably think of places like the United States, Canada and Western Europe. But we found that's not entirely true when we told you about the 10 countries that smoke the most weed. But now we have a greater understanding of how many marijuana users there are around the world.

The following map shows how many marijuana users there are in every country around the world. If a country is a darker green, that means there's a greater percentage of the population that uses marijuana. Take a look:

marijuana users around the world

Obviously, there are some major holes in the map. Many countries in southern Asia don't have any data, and most of Africa is missing as well. But overall you get a sense of which countries consume the most marijuana. Obviously North America is pretty popular thanks to Canada and the United States. And western Europe has some pretty high numbers (no pun intended). 

Also, not sure if it's surprising that Australia and New Zealand have such large numbers of people using marijuana. Perhaps cannabis is the best way to deal with injuries sustained from fighting kangaroos.

(h/t Eyewitness News)


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