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This Handy Map Shows the Status of Marijuana Legalization Around the World

Marijuana laws in the United States alone can be confusing. One second you're driving in a state where it's perfectly legal, the next second you're in a state where you can't even use it medicinally. But then you add in the entire world, and it's nearly impossible to keep track of every marijuana law.

Luckily, there's a new map to help you. A website called "SpliffyMap" shows all the countries around the world and what the status of marijuana is in them. The map uses a series of colors to explain the laws. Red means completely illegal, Orange means marijuana is illegal, but the laws aren't really enforced, Yellow means decriminalized, Yellow-Green means medical marijuana is legal, Light Green means marijuana is essentially legal, and Dark Green means it is legal. The map even breaks up the United States into each state so you can see the different laws throughout the country.

Take a look at the map:

spliffymap marijuanal aws around the world

The map can also be adjusted to show how tolerant people in different countries are towards marijuana as well. 

This is a very handy map to help understand what marijuana's legal status is around the world. And it's also a helpful tool for planning your next vacation destination.

Head over to SpliffyMap to see the entire map in more detail.


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