Manitoba And Quebec Move To Ban Home Cultivation

Canadian provinces can now ban home cultivation due to recent amendments to the incoming cannabis act. A move the Manitoba and Quebec have already decided to make.

Over 2 dozen amendments to Bill C-45, also known as the Cannabis Act, have been passed by a senate committee. One of those amendments allows individual provinces to ban home cultivation of marijuana plants if they see fit. Previously, the bill allowed for up to 5 plants to be grown at home across the country. At least two provinces - Manitoba and Quebec - have indicated that they will be implementing a ban on home cultivation.

While this particular amendment was voted in unanimously by the Senate committee, another proposed amendment that would have placed a national block on home cultivation was ultimately rejected.

Other amendments that were approved include maximum potency limitations on cannabis products, and an increase from 30 to 60 days to pay fines related to Cannabis Act violations. Additionally, permanent residents of Canada will not be subject to deportation for offenses that result in 6 months or less of prison time.


Because it has been illegal or stigmatized for decades, the body of cannabis research available is, in many ways, incomplete. But Canada’s federal government is taking advantage of the country’s status as the only G7 country to have legalized marijuana and addressing that issue. It was announced yesterday that nearly 25 million dollars will be used to fund cannabis research in Canada.

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