Man Stumbles Upon a Real Tiger, Assumes It's a Side Effect of Great Weed

In a scene fit for a stoner comedy, a Texas man stumbled upon an actual tiger and assumed the caged beast was just a side effect of really good weed.

When you sneak off to a secluded place to enjoy a joint, you probably aren't expecting to encounter any jungle cats. But that's exactly what happened to an unnamed tipster who altered Houston police after he discovered a caged tiger in an abandoned home last week. As police reported, the man was so confused by what he had discovered that he thought the weed was making him hallucinate

When police arrived at the scene they found the female tiger in a "rinky-dink" cage that didn't even have a proper lock on it. The only thing keeping the humongous cat inside was a nylon strap and a screwdriver.

The makeshift enclosure was a "pretty small cage inside basically a garage in a house that didn't look like it was in the best shape. So it was important that we get it out of that situation," Lara Cottingham, with the city of Houston, told KPRC.

The tiger has since been transferred to an animal shelter where it will stay until a permanent home can be found.

Meanwhile, the anonymous toker is probably going to think twice before sneaking into another abandoned home or else he might wind up becoming another animal's munchies.


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