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Stock Your Man Cave Right With These Stellar Subscription Boxes

Your man cave is your own personal realm for all things you, meaning it should be stocked with the things that best represent you.

If you have an idea of what those things might be, but need a little help curating them (or simply don’t feel like spending more than 10 minutes at any given shopping center), consider signing up for one of these stellar subscription programs that will bring the things you love right to your doorstep every month.

From cannabis to bourbon and everything in between, Civilized has rounded up the best monthly subscriptions for making your man cave yours.

1. Stashbox

Get Stash Box

For the cannabis connoisseur, a subscription to Stashbox is the ideal addition to your man cave. For $29.95 a month, Stashbox will send you five to eight cannabis products to enhance your personal smoke sesh. From munchies and apparel to glass and papers, Stashbox items come from a variety of top cannabis brands and will be delivered to you for anywhere from one to six months with a subscription. Get yours here.  

2. Taster’s Club

Taster's Club

Are you a whiskey fanatic who’s keen to try out every must-have on the market? If so, then Taster’s Club is the monthly subscription for you. For $69 a month, The Taster’s Club will send you a new 750ml bottle of coveted whiskey, their focus being on scotch whiskys and bourbons. Your subscription includes ample information material including whiskey profiles, tasting notes and production techniques. The company also offers rum and tequila subscriptions. Sign up here.

3. Southern Cigar Co.

Southern Cigar Co


Want to receive “the best cigars of your life” every month? That’s what Southern Cigar Co. promises with their monthly subscription boxes at $39.95 per month. Your first box incudes a triple torch lighter, a guillotine combo cutter, cedar smoking spills, and four brand new cigars packed with Boveda humidity packs. Every month after that, you’ll receive your four new cigars and a range of different smoking goodies. Check out the program here.  

4. The Craft Beer Club

Craft Beer Club

Twelve of the country’s most exceptional craft beers can be yours every month for $39 through the Craft Beer Club. Your monthly package features 12 oz. brews spanning a variety of styles from only the country’s best small-scale independent brewers. You will also receive a monthly newsletter detailing the stories behind your new brews, what’s in them, and where they originated. Sign up here.

5. Wet Shave Club

Wet Shave Club

If you want a man cave that’s part personal barbershop, look no further than the Wet Shave Club. After signing up for your first box at $39.99, a kit packed with premium blades, soaps, aftershaves and other essentials “to keep you looking and feeling great” will arrive at your doorstep every month for $29.99. Your first box comes with a range of carefully curated extra goodies. Check out the selection here.


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