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Marijuana Made Me Do It, Says Man Accused Of Bestiality

As a cannabis website, it's safe to say that we don’t usually write about bestiality here. But the strange case of Everett Lee Compton has forced our hand.

The Siloam Springs Police Department in Arkansas put additional patrols on duty around a residence that reported several instances of…ahem…interference with one of their donkeys. On July 16, the intruder was spotted again, and the cops were called. They arrived to find Compton hiding in some bushes.

We’ll let Arkansas Online take it from here:

The police report states that the officer asked him about the donkeys, and Compton replied that he gave them carrots but did not have sex with them.

After the officer informed Compton there was footage, the 49-year-old reportedly said that marijuana “makes him do sick things.”

Typically the sickest thing you might end up doing on marijuana is splurging on Taco Bell. At the risk of editorializing from afar, there’s probably much, much more at play here than simple cannabis use.

You can click through to the news report for more details (if you must!). Compton is charged with four counts of criminal trespassing, bestiality and cruelty to animals. 


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