This Guy Somehow Accidentally Ended Up on a Flight to the Arctic Circle

You might think that the worst thing that can happen while traveling is missing your flight. But one man proved there are worse situations you can get yourself into.

Christopher Paetkau is a Canadian photographer and filmmaker who was traveling from Winnipeg to Inuvik, which is a city in northwest Canada. Paetkau had a layover in Yellowknife, which is about 700 miles (or 1100 kilometers) southeast of Inuvik. He was looking to get on his flight, but the airport's computer system was down. Paetkau couldn't wait for the computers to go back up because his flight was leaving shortly, so he found a ticket booth and was directed towards an airplane.

However, Paetkau was not on the right flight. Instead of flying the 700 miles northwest to Inuvik, his flight instead flew 1,400 miles (2,260 kilometers) east to Iqaluit, which just so happens to be part of the Arctic Circle. 

man accidentally flies to iqaluit instead of inuvik

Luckily Paetkau wasn't too angry about the whole situation and ended up having a good time with the flight staff on his return trip to Yellowknife. He eventually made it to Inuvik, just a few days later than expected.

Ironically, Paetkau was worried he was on the wrong flight initially. He asked a flight attendant if the plane was headed to Inuvik. But just a few minutes earlier, another passenger had jokingly asked the flight attendant when they would be arriving in Hawaii. So the flight attendant assumed that Paetkau was joking as well, and replied, "Yes, eventually." But Paetkau took this as a serious response and thought he was on the right flight.

Looks like Canadians need to work a little harder on this whole sarcasm thing.

h/t CBC


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