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Munchies Monster John Malkovich To Star In Marijuana Drama

Oscar-nominated actor John Malkovich is set to star in the new TV series Humboldt: Life on America's Marijuana Frontier. The Dangerous Liaisons (1988) actor will play the patriarch of a family invested in the infamous region's cannabis cultivation. The series is based on author Emily Brady's nonfiction book of the same name, which she wrote based on spending a year in the area to research life in America's notorious hotspot for black market marijuana.

Malkovich also has some experience with marijuana. In a 2013 Reddit AMA, he opened up about using cannabis. You might expect that the actor known for playing intense characters like Mitch Leary from In the Line of Fire (1993), would be the brooding and introspective when he gets high, but you'd be wrong. He turns into a munchies monster.

When asked if he had ever smoked pot, Malkovich said, "Sometimes my best friend Russ makes me smoke ganja, but I become a bit insane and normally eat a couple hundred dollars worth of say, ice cream sandwiches or Dilly Bars or what have you. Even worse, I won't share any of it."

Aside from bogarting snacks, Malkovich also offered some tough advice to a Redditor who wondered what time was appropriate to start drinking.

"I would say at least you have to wait until 7:00 pm. I mean if I can do it, so can you. Cowboy the fuck up!"

But Malkovich will likely have to break those rules to get into character for "Humboldt." The series spotlights the history of the region that has been supporting itself on the cannabis trade for 40 years. The show will also look at how legalizing cannabis in California could impact the community. If the series is anything like Brady's book, audiences are in store for a gripping drama that takes an unflinching look at American drug culture.

"Brady’s brave reporting pulls no punches yet makes no judgments as she chronicles four people torn by their allegiances to a place that represents the beauty and ruthlessness of the modern American frontier-and the hypocrisy of the country’s drug policy," Pulitzer Prize-winner Jonathan Schuppe wrote. "Humboldt is a triumph of immersion reporting: vivid, compassionate, maddening and unforgettable.”

h/t EW, The Hollywood Reporter

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