New England Patriot Malcolm Butler May Have Been Benched for Smoking Marijuana

One of the biggest storylines during yesterday's Super Bowl was that New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler was mysteriously benched before the game. The benching was even more mysterious since both Butler and the Patriots have refused to divulge the exact reason why he wasn't put into the game. But according to a new report, it may have to do with marijuana.

Joey Cartolano, a former fantasy football writer, reported on Twitter that he was told why Butler was benched. According to Cartolano's source, Butler missed the team curfew one night during the week and when he eventually arrived at the hotel, he possessed marijuana. This supposedly led to a major confrontation with the Patriots coaches. Here's Cartolano's tweet:

Now, Cartolano says this is only from a source who is not involved with the Patriots, so it may not be true. But if this is not the case, why would the situation be so secretive? If the Patriots had a valid reason that wasn't controversial, why wouldn't they share it? And if there was a good reason, why would Butler be so defensive in statements after the game?

So while nothing's been confirmed, this is probably the best theory floating around as to why Butler didn't play, which, perhaps, led to the Patriots' downfall.

(h/t Joey Cartolano)


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