Majority Of Canadians Want Strict Advertising Rules For Cannabis Industry: Poll

Most Canadians want to see heavy restrictions placed on cannabis marketing.

This was the key takeaway from a recent poll conducted by Growth From Knowledge (GfK), which found that 51 percent of Canadians would prefer ‘dark’ marketing for cannabis once it’s legalized next July.

That means products would not feature prominent brands or flashy advertising campaigns, mirroring the approach used for cigarette marketing.

A mere 13 percent of those who participated in the survey felt that brands should be allowed to promote cannabis products with only minor restrictions.

“Brands and outlets will need to move cautiously, keeping close watch on consumer sentiment and respecting the concerns of wary Canadians,” GfK Canada vice-president Chris Thorne said in a statement.

“PR and marketing blunders will be amplified by the charged environment – so the marketplace needs to consider its moves carefully while still nurturing this fledgling industry.”

The study, which was conducted mid-to-late September, also found that Canadians were relatively divided on the subject of cannabis distribution.

About 45 percent of respondents said outlets like pharmacies should handle distribution, while 30 percent preferred a government model. Roughly 28 percent said products should be distributed at all.

h/t BNN


When marijuana edibles hit Canadian cannabis dispensary shelves later this year, you can expect them to be taxed based on how strong they are. Canada's recently released federal 2020 budget proposes to tax marijuana edibles based on the amount of THC they contain. THC is one of the active ingredients in cannabis and the one most associated with producing the plant's signature high.

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