Another Major Military Veterans' Organization Just Came Out in Support of Medical Marijuana

The American Legion is one of the largest veterans organizations in the United States, and they've really hammered the federal government this year to allow soldiers access to medical marijuana. And while they haven't made much progress yet, another veterans group is joining the cause as well.

AMVETS, another of the largest veterans groups in America, announced their support for soldiers' access to medical marijuana. They made the announcement on Twitter and included a video defending their support.

The issue of veterans' access to medical marijuana has gained a lot of popularity this year. Despite 29 states allowing medical marijuana in the United States, VA hospitals and doctors are prohibited from discussing cannabis with veterans even in states where it's legal. Earlier this year Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said medical marijuana "may be helpful" for vets, but he hasn't made any efforts towards improving access. On Saturday New York Governor Andrew Cuomo added PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions for the state's medical marijuana program. 

The most important aspect about veterans jumping on the medical marijuana bandwagon is how it will affect Republicans. The GOP loves to promote itself as the party that supports the troops and veterans, but denying them the right to medical marijuana could cause people to see them as hypocritical. If these people put their lives at risk for the country, why wouldn't we give them the access to a perfectly safe medical treatment?

But it remains to be seen if all these veterans uniting for medical marijuana will actually cause any politicians to change their minds.

(h/t AMVETS)


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