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10 Major Politicians Who Haven't Taken a Stance on Marijuana

While marijuana legalization may be one of the hottest issues in American politics, that doesn’t mean every politician is embracing the issue. And while some politicians strongly support legalizing cannabis, many simply sit on the fence and don’t take a side in the debate.

Here are 10 major politicians who haven’t taken a stance on marijuana:

1. Donald Trump

I guess it would be more accurate to say Trump is a politician who has taken a stance on marijuana, but done nothing about it. During the 2016 election, Trump said he supported medical marijuana and allowing states to decide their own laws. Then he chose anti-marijuana crusader Jeff Sessions for his Attorney General and has been basically silent about marijuana while in the Oval Office. Does Trump actually support allowing states to make their own laws or does he simply not care about the issue at all?

2. Paul Ryan

The outgoing Speaker of the House is one of those Republicans who basically straddles the fence when it comes to marijuana. While he doesn’t support legalization, he (and many other Republicans) have taken the stance of “we’ll let states decide their own laws.” However they also won’t pass any legislation to actually protect states that make their own laws.

3. Joe Biden

Biden’s track record with marijuana is mostly negative. In the past he referred to it as a gateway drug and has support bills that helped fund the War on Drugs. However he’s also supported marijuana decriminalization as well. While other prominent possible 2020 presidential candidates have spoken in favor of marijuana, Biden’s been silent on the issue, which may indicate he’s either still not a fan or just not ready to announce his support yet.

4. Barack Obama

While Obama’s marijuana position couldn’t affect policy anymore, it would definitely send a message to Democratic politicians. Obama has said he thinks marijuana should be treated like tobacco or alcohol and says that the federal laws regarding cannabis should be changed. But he’s never outright said he supports legalization, so it’s not entirely clear how he wants them to be changed.

5. Mark Zuckerberg

Ok, technically Zuckerberg isn’t a politician. But a lot of people speculate that the Facebook founder could run for president in 2020 or 2024. But since he’s still not a politician, his views on a lot of issues, including marijuana, are still not known to the public.

6. Vladimir Putin

Considering Putin is basically our second president now, it’s important to know the Russian leader’s thoughts on cannabis. Unfortunately, that’s not really clear. While Russia still has fairly strict anti-marijuana policies in place, there’s really no record of Putin taking a stance on the issue.

7. Dick Durbin

Durbin is a senator from Illinois and one of the highest ranking Democrats in the U.S. Senate. Considering his level of influence, you’d think he’d have taken a stance on marijuana. In the past he’s said he opposes legalization, but is open to medical use of marijuana. But then he’s also criticized Jeff Sessions for going after states with legalized marijuana. So it’s not entirely clear what side he’s on.

8. Ted Cruz

Similar to Paul Ryan above, Cruz has stated in the past that he does not personally support legalizing marijuana and would vote no if it were on the ballot in Texas. But he’s also said he supports states deciding their own laws. But once again, he’s done nothing to help those states protect their laws.

9. Ivanka Trump

Unfortunately we live in a world where Ivanka Trump’s position on marijuana could determine the course for the entire country. Ivanka has supposedly been able to moderate her father on some issues and convinced him not to pursue certain policies. But it’s not clear if she’s in favor of liberalizing marijuana laws, which may be why Donald’s not taken a stand on issue either.

10. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Like Zuckerberg, The Rock’s name has been thrown around as a possible 2020 or 2024 presidential candidate, although it’s not clear if that’s simply a joke or if Johnson’s actually interested in taking over the Oval Office. But like Zuckerberg, we know nothing about his political positions, although some people speculate he is a Republican.


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