Maine Legislature Overrides Governor Veto to Finally Implement Legalized Marijuana

Voters in Maine legalized recreational marijuana through a ballot initiative all the way back in 2016, but the government couldn't implement the law due to repeated vetoes from the state's governor. But the Maine legislature has finally found a way to go around the governor.

Yesterday both the Maine House and Senate voted to override Governor Paul LePage's veto on legislation that would implement a recreational cannabis market in the state. A similar bill passed last November, but the legislature couldn't get enough votes to override LePage's veto. The new bill eliminates cannabis social clubs and reduces the number of plants people can possess, concessions that were made in order to get enough votes to override LePage's veto.

LePage had long been the biggest roadblock to recreational marijuana in the state. The governor opposed the initial ballot initiative to legalize cannabis, and repeatedly stated he would not sign any legislation that would implement the new laws.

It's not clear when Maine residents will be able to purchase recreational cannabis, but many believe it could be available by next year.

And while there isn't much LePage can do now, anti-marijuana activists say they're going to take the fight to the local level so cities and towns can ban retails sales in their jurisdictions. 

So 2019 may be the right time to finally take a trip up to Maine!

(h/t Leafly)


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