A Maine Convenience Store Will Allow People to Fuel Their Cars and Buy Marijuana

If you're driving through Maine and need to fill up on gas, you may want to go inside the store because they may offer you some cannabis along with your fuel.

Today Gas N’ Grass became the first cannabis convenience store in the state of Maine. The store will be like any other gas station with all the junk food, soda and fuel you need. But there will also be marijuana available for purchase, as long as you have a Maine medical marijuana card.

Currently the station gets 250 customers a day to fill up gas, and offers some of the lowest fuel rates in the entire state. We're guessing that number will probably increase, as will the Doritos sales.

While recreational marijuana is legal in Maine, the state still hasn't passed regulations to set up legal sales. That's largely because Maine Governor Paul LePage opposes marijuana legalization and has vetoed any bill attempting to set up recreational sales. But LePage leaves office next month, and the incoming Governor Janet Mills says she'll work to set up a legal industry as soon as possible.

So in the near future, the state of Maine could be filled with gas stations selling marijuana. Too bad it's a state located in the northeast corner of the United States. It's not like Kansas or Nebraska or some other central state where people drive through to cross the country. The only reason you'd be driving through Maine is to go to Maine.

(h/t Press Herald)


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