Macaulay Culkin Recreates Famous 'Home Alone' Scene as an Adult

Home Alone is a classic Christmas movie about a boy accidentally being left home alone (duh) while his family goes off on a holiday vacation. But what if you replaced that boy with an adult man? Doesn't sound as interesting, right? But what if I told you that man is the adult version of the boy from Home Alone?

Macaulay Culkin starred as Kevin McAllister in Home Alone and its inferior sequels. Now Culkin is returning to the role as part of a Google Assistant commercial. So now we'd know what Home Alone would look like if a man was the main character, and not a boy.

Unfortunately the adult version of Home Alone would probably have to address the aftermath of McAllister physically assaulting the burglars with various dangerous weapons. If anything it would probably just be a legal drama about a man trying to defend his sadistic acts of self-defense.

Actually, that doesn't sound bad either.


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