Lyft Will Offer Discounted Rides to Marijuana Users in Colorado

Ride-sharing apps have made the world a much better (and safer) place. Now, you can go out for the night and not worry about how you're going to get home. And if you're a marijuana user in Colorado, you're ride-sharing experience is about to get better.

A new initiative from the Colorado Department of Transportation, Lyft and a group from the marijuana industry will provide discounted rides for cannabis users in the state. The effort began last April (on 4/20) when Lyft gave out nearly 3,000 discount codes at a rally in Denver. About 1,200 of those codes were used, so CDOT decided to increase the venture for the next six months.

As part of the program, marijuana dispensaries throughout the state will receive "toolkits" with different products to display in their stores to promote Lyft, guides for how to promote using ride-sharing apps on social media and discount codes they can give to their customers that will provide them with discounted rides.

"Despite the fact that marijuana impairs judgment, coordination, decision-making and reaction time, an alarming number of users, 55 percent, still believe that it is safe to drive under the influence of marijuana," Sam Cole, Traffic Safety Communications Manager at CDOT, said. 

There is still some debate about how much a person's ability to drive is impaired after using marijuana when compared to drinking alcohol, but it's clear that there is definitely a negative effect. So why take the risk when you can take a cheap Lyft instead?

Heck, this might motivate people to start using marijuana if it means they can get an inexpensive Lyft ride out of it.

(h/t The Denver Channel)


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