This Luxury Wallet Has A Sweet Secret

PuffTec has handcrafted a beautiful Italian leather wallet so stylish it works for everyday use - but that also secretly holds everything you need for both business and pleasure. The Fumo wallet does triple-duty as an iPhone 6 case, a wallet, and - get this - a rolling case.

Your iPhone mounts securely in a little snap-secured holder, giving you full access to the buttons and ports.

The facing side is the wallet, which includes both card pockets for both your Visa and your credit card grinder, a long vertical pocket, and two side compartments for cash (or, ahem, anything else you feel like putting in there). The rolling paper dispenser is big enough to accommodate papers up to king size, or smaller, if that's your preference.

But the makizara is really Fumo's unique selling point: the green Italian leather surface folds into a shallow, leather dish, or makizara: the perfect spot to break up the herbs you're smoking, even in outdoor, windier conditions. (Fumo also makes a keychain version, below.)

Bust up that herbal blend, and use the handy little divot on the sides to transfer the material into the rolling paper.

When you're not using your kit, you can store it in its pretty wooden box: the same design and material traditionally used to store loose tea.

The only thing Fumo doesn't include? A built-in GPS, to forestall against bouts of blaze-induced forgetfulness.

Banner image: Brian A. Jackson /


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