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Trailblazers: Meet Luke Reyes, World-Renowned Chef and Cannabis Caterer

Luke Reyes is a renowned chef who has taken the fine dining skills and culinary arts knowledge he learned in Boston to the West. Since moving to Los Angeles, Reyes has consulted for many establishments including Tasting Kitchen in Venice, Square One's Lucky Duck in Silver Lake, and Houston Hospitality's Harvard & Stone in Hollywood. Reyes previously worked with Houston Hospitality when he opened the firm's first-ever restaurant, Butchers & Barbers, and has since launched his own company La Hoja, also in L.A.

La Hoja provides a unique cannabis dining experience with infused dishes and cocktails that have undergone trials and experimentation to optimize the whole plant. Reyes recently created one of his infused meals for an evening of cannabis and comedy at the famous Chinese restaurant Genghis Cohen. The event, "Ganja Cohen", featured popular Chinese dishes by Reyes including teriyaki beef, fried rice, General Tso's octopus, and fried banana, which was paired with some of the best and highest local comedians. 


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