States That Allow Low-THC Cannabis Products Are Bad for the Marijuana Industry

While medical marijuana may be legal in many states, several of them only allow low-THC cannabis oil and not regular forms of the drug. And that's bad for both patients and the industry.

Many in the cannabis industry are complaining about restrictive medical marijuana programs being introduced in various states. In states that only allow cannabis oils with very low amounts of THC, it can be nearly impossible for businesses to turn a profit. These products can often be expensive to create, and often the small customer base that actually qualifies for the marijuana isn't enough to justify the costs.

This is in the news lately as a state senator in Louisiana who introduced the state's medical marijuana bill says he's looked at the numbers, and he realized it's going to be incredibly difficult for businesses to become successful based on the current criteria. The state believes around 1,400 patients will be able to receive treatment from the state's new medical marijuana program, but it's estimated that around 30,000 are need for the industry to survive.

Pro-marijuana advocates often pass these restrictive medical cannabis programs with the hope that it will create the foundation for future expansion. But if the industry is unable to survive due to the restrictive nature, then it may actually damage the chances of that expansion.

Hopefully states will realize that broader programs are more effective and will continue expanding the list of conditions that can be treated by cannabis.

(h/t Forbes)


The cannabis industry has a packaging problem. In fact, more broadly speaking, it has a sustainability problem. Regulations in legal states, aiming to childproof cannabis products, have had the side effect of creating massive waste, while cultivation can be energy and water intensive.

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