Why Louis C.K. Regrets Comparing Donald Trump To Hitler

Standup comedian Louis C.K. is known for outrageous jokes about sexual predators and texting while high, but even C.K. thought he took things too far last year when he compared Donald Trump to Hitler. But it's not because he felt the comparison was too harsh. No, C.K. thought that he was giving Trump too much credit and overestimating The Donald's aptitude for evil.

"Now I guess he's not as profound as I thought he was," C.K. told Stephen Colbert yesterday on The Late Show. "I thought he was some new kind of evil. But he's just a lying sack of shit. It's just simple. It's simpler than I thought. Like, there are liars. Sometimes people lie....Then you have lying sacks of shit. They just lie. They like it. He likes it. He goes, 'Haha, wasn't even true. And then I said they were liars.' It's just insane. It's gross. He's just a gross, crook, dirty, rotten, lying sack of shit. And that's how I feel."

But he wouldn't go back in time and change what he said if he had the chance. "I regret it, but I wouldn't take it back," C.K. added philosophically. "If you went back and fixed all the mistakes you made, you would erase yourself."

Check out the full interview, including a priceless moment when he singled out a Trump supporter in the audience and commiserated with him.


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