Comedian Louie Anderson came out in support of marijuana legalization in his new memoir 'Hey Mom: Stories For My Mother, But You Can Read Them Too.'

"I'm all for it," Anderson wrote. "It makes more sense to legalize weed than alcohol. Let's legalize marijuana in all states, and not just for medical purposes."

Anderson explained that he supports legalization as a healthier way for people to cope with stress and trauma than alcohol, which has caused Anderson a lifetime of pain after growing up with an alcoholic father.

"[W]e all need something to help us get through the pain," he explained, adding that marijuana is a much better choice than alcohol. "I don't have the statistics. I just know that alcoholism still affects my life, and Dad's been gone for almost forty years. I know that when you grow up in an alcoholic family, it's kind of like an atom bomb or a hydrogen bomb or any of those bombs where no one gets out unscathed. You're affected at the time, and also as times goes on. Its effects seep into your life, affecting everything you do, from the friends you attract to the risks you take or don't take to the while life you try to lead."