Losing Weight Saved Kevin Smith...But Ruined His Sex Life

After bouncing back from a massive heart attack last winter, director Kevin Smith pledged to get in shape so he'd never be in that life-threatening situation again. Slimming down has done wonders for the 'Clerks' director's health, but Smith says that losing weight has also wrecked his sex life.

"The sex changed completely," Smith told 'Good Morning America' last week while discussing how the incident has impacted his marriage with Jennifer Schwalbach Smith. "She was like, 'I was used to having sex with you one way for 20 years. Knew exactly how to do it. Now there's less cushion for the pushin' and...I have to figure out how to re-do you.'"

Luckily there should be lots of time for them to retool their bedroom game now that he's healthier than ever.

Check the banner image above to check out the full interview, where Smith discusses his visit to the set of 'Star Wars: Episode IX' and further dishes on his recovery.


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