These Cities Instagram The Most About Marijuana

Marijuana is on the minds of more people in Los Angeles than anywhere else in the country - according to one social media measure, at least.

The Los Angeles-based Aizman Law Firm analyzed geotagged Instagram posts that used words and phrases commonly associated with cannabis culture, and discovered that LA topped the list, with New York coming second and Denver third.

The firm used various hashtags to see which places posted the most pictures, including #weed, #maryjane, #marijuana and #420.

New York and California have legal medical but not recreational marijuana. They may both have beaten out Denver, which has legal recreational and medical marijuana markets, because they're simply so much bigger. According to a recent LA Weekly article, Los Angeles has 935 "gray market" medical marijuana dispensaries, which is more than the number of legal outlets in the entire state of Colorado, let alone Denver.

New York has a much newer and smaller medical marijuana program, but it is a city of more than eight-million people.

The other cities that rounded the top 10: Portland, Oregon; San Fransisco, Edgewater, New Jersey; Spring Valley, Texas; Seattle, San Diego; and Glendale, Arizona.

h/t Forbes, LA Weekly.


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