The biggest story in the NBA right now is what team Cleveland Cavaliers star player Lebron James will end up playing for next season. But one Los Angeles dispensary is attempting to lure him to the Lakers.

The Game is a popular Los Angeles rapper and also the owner of a dispensary in the city called Trees by Game. The Game recently posted a picture on Instagram promoting his dispensary's newest strain, which is called “LA”Bron James. In his caption for the photo, the rapper writes that the strain is "inspired by my city & them trying to bring “King James to the LAKESHOW." The Los Angeles Lakers are considered one of the favorites to sign James this offseason.

This is a major advantage the Lakers have in signing Lebron James. None of the other major suitors for James this offseason are located in states with legalized marijuana, although Boston will begin allowing legal sales next month and the Celtics are considered another possible destination for the NBA great.

Of course, James wouldn't actually be able to enjoy this strain named after him as the NBA still prohibits players from using marijuana. Although the NBA does have a relatively lax cannabis policy, and it's widely rumored that many players in the league are avid marijuana users.

Perhaps this will be the push Ohio needs to legalize marijuana. Otherwise they could lose their beloved King James.

(h/t Instagram)