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Let Loopr Take You On A Magical Mystery Tour Of Denver

Loopr, the luxury, 420-friendly transportation service that made its first run around downtown Denver last week, is a party bus unlike any other.

Only soft drinks and snacks in the fridges line the limo seating of the 45' Freightliner luxury coach: booze is "discouraged," according to CEO Brian Spatz. That said, Loopr passengers are free - and of course encouraged - to smoke marijuana.

It works like this: download the app, buy a pass, and Loopr zips around a 45 to 60 minute-long circuit of partnering Denver restaurants, dispensaries, and night spots. You can either treat it like a pub crawl, or simply chill with 44 of your friends on the bus, enjoying the tunes, wall of video monitors, disco light show, and smoking gear.

The vibe is more "celebrity touring bus" than "municipal transit." Two booths on either side of the bus seat four passengers; the back features more limo-style seating, plus granite countertops throughout, and a glass screen and pocket door protecting the driver from secondhand smoke. Loopr is tailored specifically toward cannabis consumption.

"There a large bong and dab bar on the right side that you can stand at, and specially designed glass pieces that sit in the bar," Spatz tells Civilized, adding that Loopr riders supply their own herb and concentrates.

"My partner Hal is a glassblower and he designs a very clever design where they sit in a cupholder space, and the water is stored below the bar, and the water acts as a weight to keep the piece from sliding around."

If you really want a beer, just hop out, get your drink on, and hop back on. The app allowed you to geo-track the precise location of the bus, and catch up with your ride easily.

"The main thing that makes Loopr unique is this ability to "geolocate the vehicle in real time and display the routes," says Spatz. "When you go to the app, it shows you a map of Denver, the route, and you can buy your pass on the app, as well as food, drinks, and merch."

One day, three day, weekly, and monthly passes are available ranging from $25 for an unlimited day pass to $110 for one week.

"I'm really focused on trying to invent a convenient transportation loop that doesn't take too long to get around, and shooting for a 45-65 minute loop, which is the sweet spot," says Spatz. The bus runs from 4pm until midnight.

We asked Spatz if there are any plans to roll out Loopr buses in other legal jurisdictions like Seattle or Portland.

"Oregon has a comprehensive smoking ban, which is the main obstacle, no exemption for private vehicles," says Spatz. "Washington, they have similar language in their smoking ban."

But he doesn't rule out the smoking-hot luxury coach service coming to California, Massachusetts, Arizona, and Nevada - hopefully shortly after those states vote on legalization in November.


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