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Long-Lost Bob Marley Recordings Found

If you thought that you've heard everything recorded by the late, great Bob Marley, then think again. Exclaim reports that a treasure trove of live recordings by the reggae legend has been found.
The recordings were made on a mobile studio built in 1968 that once belonged to The Rolling Stones. It’s still operational, and now resides at Studio Bell in Calgary, a part of Canada’s National Music Centre.
The reels found apparently contain live recordings of Bob Marley & The Wailers at the Lyceum in 1975, the Hammersmith Odeon in 1976, and the Rainbow in 1977 (those three venues are in London), plus the Pavillion de Paris, France, in 1978. While the recordings were in a bit of rough shape due to mold and water damage when they were first rediscovered, efforts to restore them were a success.
The recordings are set to go to auction on May 21. Hopefully Marley fans will get a chance to listen shortly after that. 
And if you need a reminder of what Bob Marley, sounds like at the peak of his powers, check this out: 
Banner Image: Mike Prior / GettyImages


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