Lizzie Post Wants To Elevate Your Cannabis Etiquette

Lizzie Post - one of America's leading experts on manners and politeness - wants to help people bring a little bit of class to their next smoke sesh by following her rules of cannabis etiquette.

"It makes a lot of sense, to get to talk about something that is such an inherently social activity with an eye for etiquette,” Post, who is the great, great granddaughter of renowned etiquette expert Emily Post - told Leafly in a recent interview. For her, there are no real differences between sharing a meal and sharing a joint. Post has been offering words of wisdom on how to politely smoke weed for some time now across a number of legal states.

And as not only the co-director of the Emily Post Institute for breeding good manners but also a cannabis lover, Post is arguably the perfect person to establish the dos and don'ts of social smoking.

"I love rolling joints, I love smoking joints, I love sharing joints," said Post when asked about her favorite way to smoke. "I think there’s a part of me that idolized ‘70s hippy rock culture when I was a teen and so to me, the joint is the expression of that."

So, what are her tips on how properly share a joint? The first thing, she says, is to hold it right.

"Any time someone holds a joint that has a crutch or filter and they hold it above the crutch or filter so they’re holding the actual weed. That drives me nuts. You’re pinching the joint and cannabis has resin in it, which builds up when you smoke it. So when you pinch the end of the joint nearest the filter, you’re gumming up and blocking the airflow. At the most crucial point of the joint."

Her other piece of advice is to try not to get too much slobber on the spliff, something every cannabis consumer can agree on.

"If you have a fairly wet whistle, let’s say to be polite, you want to make sure you’re not getting it all over, especially a joint, because that could impact its smoke-ability."

So while cannabis etiquette may not be as complicated as figuring out which fork you're supposed to use for the salad, thoughtfulness seems to be key.

For more etiquette tips, check out the full interview

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