Lil Nas X and Pete Buttigieg Almost Came Together on an 'Old Town Road' Remix

Lil Nas X may have already collaborated with several noteworthy artists on a number of remixes for his record breaking 'Old Town Road' single, but the viral hip-hop star doesn't take up every offer that comes his way. Lil Nas X reportedly passed on the opportunity to give the equally buzzworthy presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg a guest verse on the hit song.

Lil Nas X recently made an appearance as the headlining act for BuzzFeed's Internet Live event last week. And while his perform hit a few snags, it could have ended up being very different.

As The Daily Beast reported, BuzzFeed was apparently in talks with Lil Nas X to have have him do a collaborative performance with South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg. The idea being that Lil Nas X and the Indiana Democrat could come together to do a rendition of the former's genre-spanning hit 'Old Town Road.'

The team up would have made some sense, as both men are being celebrated as gay icons working in traditionally heterosexual spaces, and Buttigieg has even called himself a fan of Lil Nas X's music in the past.

However, it seems the collab just wasn't meant to be, as Lil Nas X reportedly shot down the pitch. It wasn't that Lil Nas X didn't have reciprocating respect for Buttigieg, but that he wasn't prepared to be seen as endorsing any particular candidate in the current presidential race.

So if Mayor Buttigieg and Lil Nas X coming together for yet another remix of 'Old Town Road' is your concept of a key cultural moment, we're sorry to report that it seems that ship has sailed.


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