Liberal Senators Asked For Input On Legalization. Here's What Twitter Had To Say

On Feb. 24, the Liberal Senate Caucus - which operates independently of the party itself - invited Canadians for an open discussion about legalizing marijuana. The two-hour forum looked at how marijuana should be sold, how to keep the plant away from minors, and what tools exist to police people who drive under the influence.

The panelists were Bill Blair (Liberal MP and designated government leader on legalization), Clive Weighill of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Amy Porath-Waller, Ph.D., and Rebecca Jesseman of the Canadian Centre of Substance Abuse, Benedikt Fischer of the Centre For Addiction and Mental Health, and lawyer and lecturer on drug policy Eugene Oscapella.

Here's some of what went down, according to the chatter on Twitter - and be sure to check their site Feb. 25 for the full audio from the panel.

1. Predictably, the panel attracted massive interest

2. Although some Tweeps were notably ticked off by the lack of live-stream

3. Enthusiasm for improved access, considering how many Canadians already consume cannabis

4. Many lauded the relative safety of cannabis vis-a-vis other, legal drugs

5. Hot takes, and hashtags employing cannabis-related puns, abounded

6. As did more serious calls to end the unjust persecution of marijuana users

7. All in all, the feeling on Twitter seemed to be that the government could use more of this kind of transparency.


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