Let’s Watch A Stadium Full Of Baseball Fans Reenact The Food Fight Scene From 'Animal House'

Baseball suddenly became interesting again when, earlier this week, 8,000 fans engaged in America’s true favorite pastime - the egregious waste of perfectly good food.

The massive, virality-chasing stunt was concocted by the St. Paul Saints in celebration of the iconic "food fight" scene from National Lampoon's classic 'Animal House,' which celebrated its 40th anniversary this summer.

At the bottom of the 5th inning, The crowd stood and braced themselves as John Belushi’s Bluto called the procession into order with his iconic battle cry on the stadium’s 'big board.'  Shortly thereafter, fans were hurdling handfuls of mashed potatoes, powdered donuts and marshmallows at one other en masse. The announcers, too, joined in, raining popcorn down on the fans below.

In preparation for the event, fans were given complimentary ponchos so they wouldn’t experience any undue, sticky discomfort post-event. Hopefully, the stadium’s custodial staff was given the same courtesy…or at least a sizeable overtime bonus. 

Watch the full extent of the mayhem in the clip bellow:  



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