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"Let’s 'Make America Great' By Growing Hemp Across The Land Again," MagicalButter Executive Director Chris Whitener

Chris Whitener took an expected root to get into the cannabis industry. As a student, he worked as a server and bartender at a posh resort, concocting drink recipes like apple cinnamon whiskey and expresso vodka using MagicalButter — a countertop appliance engineered to infuse cannabis as well as other botanicals into edibles, drinks, oils and more. 

Then at a Seattle trade show in 2012, Whitener met the machine's inventor, who invited him shortly thereafter to join the MagicalButter team. He's since become the company's executive director.

Whitener recently sat down with Civilized to chat about what the future holds for the industry and what he'd tell Trump if he got a chance to talk to the president about cannabis.

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What's the biggest misconception about the cannabis industry?

The biggest misconception may be that cannabis employees are all “stoners.” That outdated stereotype has proven to not be true. Many of our contemporaries are educated and business-minded. We strive to continue to overcome adversity and remain positive influences in the industry!

What's one prediction you have for the cannabis industry five years from now?

Broad acceptance from the mainstream. I believe there will be people of all walks of life embracing the many benefits that cannabis has to offer.

What is one change you'd like to see happen in the cannabis industry?

I would like to see less promoting of the same old propaganda. Companies and individuals should avoid calling the plant “marijuana” due to its complexities and racial implications. The word cannabis helps to remove the stigma and reclassify the plant in a more positive medicinal and scientific light.

What's your perfect setting to consume?

I enjoy consuming in many different environments. One choice setting is in a comfortable space, at home or at a friend’s house, listening to great music and enjoying a savory and healthy meal paired perfectly with a glass of wine with fresh herbs.

What is your go-to munchie?

Gummies. MagicalButter gummies are a go-to edible that I enjoy quite often. We have our silicone gummy molds that makes creating the delicious treats a breeze.

Name something that you've tried once but won't ever try again.


Do you have a message for Donald Trump? What would that message be?

Cannabis has been helping people across the planet for thousands of years. Let’s “Make America Great Again” by growing hemp across the land again.

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