This Pie Floating In The Stratosphere Will Remind You That Anything Is Possible

If you had to promote the World Pie Eating Championships in the English town of Wigan, what would you do? Put up a few posters, do some targeted Facebook posts, maybe record a radio spot? Or would you attach a pie to a weather balloon alongside a GoPro so you can track the tasty pastry as it drifts through the stratosphere before falling back to Earth?

We are so fortunate that these magnificent pie enthusiasts chose the latter. Seeing the humble meat pie contrasted with gorgeous, high-definition footage of the Earth from above is oddly inspiring. We hope this provides you with some Monday motivation.

And if you need a bigger pie fix, and you're near Wigan, the pie eating competition goes down on December 20th at Harry's Bar. Hopefully this year's competition won't be jeopardized by a dog like it was in 2007.

h/t Manchester Evening News


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