Less Than 1 In 5 Americans Oppose Marijuana Reform

Less than 1 in 5 Americans oppose marijuana reform, according to the 2018 Civilized Culture Poll. To celebrate 4/20, Civilized has partnered with PSB this year to survey over 1,600 North American adults and explore attitudes toward cannabis.

Our results found that a mere 16 percent of Americans oppose legalization in any form. That's a huge drop compared to 50 years ago, when 84 percent of Americans supported cannabis prohibition.

And it's not just cannabis consumers who are clamoring for reform. One third (34 percent) of non-consumers believe cannabis should be made available for medical purposes. And just under half (48 percent) of non-consumers think marijuana should be legal for both medical and recreational use.

Welcome to the team, America.

As you'd expect, three quarters (75 percent) of cannabis-using Americans believe that the green should be available for medical and recreational purposes - no surprises there. But what is surprising is the 2 percent of cannabis-users who do not support legalizing marijuana for any purpose.

Perhaps those few outliers like the thrill of potentially facing the electric chair.


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