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Leslie Bocskor On The Cannabis Industry's Potential And His Transylvanian Roots

Leslie Bocskor is an investment banker and founder of Electrum Partners, an advisory services firm specializing in medical and recreational cannabis, and ancillary businesses. Bocskor was recently named most valuable member of the year by the ArcView angel investor network. But he's not just an investments guy. He also has an artistic side. He helped create the Figment Project - an international arts festival held in three countries - and he once acted as a regional organizer for Burning Man in its early days. Publisher Derek Riedle recently spoke with Bocskor over Skype for one of our Civilized Conversations - regular chats with entrepreneurs, politicians and entertainers such as Melissa Etheridge and Steve DeAngelo.

Tune in to hear Bocskor's description of his own personal look and style:

"It turns out my background is Transylvania, and so my appearance, funny enough, is much like my great-great grandfather who lived in the Transylvanian Alps and had a castle. So I guess I'm a throwback to my family many generations ago."

Or his views on the tremendous wealth potential of the legal cannabis industry:

"According to A Rand Corp study in 2010 the illegal market was something like $45-billion/year. That's contrasted to all major league sports in North America...all together about $35-billion a year. So the illegal cannabis market was already bigger than that. It was a gigantic industry...We know people are going to buy cannabis, and we know as we make the environment for them to buy it more comfortable - regulated, more trustworthy, safer - there are going to be many, many people coming off the fence, and are going to become new cannabis consumers."

Whatever you do, just tune in. Bocskor is a dynamic, thoughtful speaker with great insights on the future of the cannabis industry:


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