Leonard Cohen Has Posthumously Dissed Kanye West

When Leonard Cohen died in 2016, he supposedly left a treasure trove of previously unreleased material. The first posthumous release to capitalize on this catalogue is a new book of poems entitled "The Flame," which was released early last week.

One poem in the collection has received a great deal attention online as of late, since it concerns sometime rapper and full-time controversy magnet Kanye West.

The poem itself reads like a 21-line diss-track that seems to say, "I’m as cool as Kanye West thinks he is." Is it any good? Well, we’re no literary critics, but we’re certainly glad that it exists.

While its message is pretty abstract, the poem does seem to dispute Kanye’s claims that he is as important as Picasso, Edison and Tesla.

We don’t claim to fully understand what Cohen means when he says that he is "the real Kanye West" but, considering Kanye has recently decided to rebrand himself as Ye, we guess the position was up for grabs, anyway.

Kanye has yet to comment on the poem, presumably because he is too busy shooting the shit with Donald Trump and Kid Rock at the White House today.

These are the times we live in, folks.


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