Legislators Make Another Attempt at Bringing Social Cannabis Consumption Sites to Colorado

A new bill is coming to the Colorado legislature that would pave the way for social cannabis consumption sites in the Centennial State.

"Just like you have wineries and distilleries where you can purchase and sample products, you should be able to do the same thing with marijuana," Rep. Jonathan Singer (D) told Fox 31.

Singer is part of bipartisan group of lawmakers who are sponsoring the new bill which would allow individuals to consume cannabis in the same place that they purchase it. Singer says he believes the bill would help keep cannabis out of public places like parks and away from children.

If passed, the bill would set the stage for a number of opportunities for the Colorado hospitality and tourism industries. Hotels, spas and other hospitality businesses would be able to apply for social consumption licenses and would give out-of-state visitors a much clearer indication of where they can legally consume cannabis.

"Since hotels don't legally allow consumption, [tourists are] left with an impossible situation where they buy the product, but don't have a place to consume the product," said Chris Woods, owner of several marijuana dispensaries across the state.

Britton Westendorp-Holland, a budtender at one of Woods' dispensaries, says the customers he's spoken to about the new bill all agree that allowing consumption sites would be a welcome change.

"To be able to actually go to a place in the morning and read a book and smoke a joint and just hangout while having a cup of coffee? That will be nice and relaxing."

A similar bill made its way through the legislature last year but was ultimately vetoed by former Governor John Hickenlooper (D). It is not yet clear what the current governor Jared Polis (D) will do with the bill if it makes it to his desk, so it looks like we'll have to wait and see how things turn out.


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