NFL Executives Call Cannabis Tests 'Silly' And 'Humiliating'

Retired football players like former Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams have been speaking out against the National Football League's ban on marijuana prohibition for years. Now they're gaining support from within the league. According to Bleacher Report's NFL Insider Jason Cole, members of NFL ownership groups are beginning to criticize the league's stance on cannabis behind closed doors.

Cole says that two unnamed executives told him that some owners are onside with reforming the NFL's marijuana policy.

"They would like to see the league do away - almost completely - with marijuana testing. And in fact, one of those two sources said they believe that the marijuana almost silly.

"One of those sources also says...that the way they treat players is humiliating...The other argument that these executives pointed out is that if the players can adequately prove that this is a better pain reliever than medications that they currently take, such as Vicodin, then that is preferable."

As Cole notes, proving that marijuana is a safer and more effective alternative to opioid painkillers could result in the league putting a stop to cannabis testing completely. 

Unfortunately, the executives don't seem ready to speak openly about the issue, which would undoubtedly push the movement for change forward by leaps and bounds. But that could change in the near future. For years, we rarely heard about NFLers using cannabis unless someone like Williams failed a cannabis test.

Then last March, former Baltimore Raven Eugene Monroe became the first active player to speak out against the league's marijuana ban. Soon after, Tennessee Titan Derrick Morgan and Detroit Lion DeAndre Levy spoke out as well.

So it might only take one executive to step outside the cannabis closet for others to follow suit. In the meantime, check out the full report from Cole.

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