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People in Legal Marijuana States Prefer Edibles Over All Other Forms of Cannabis

Everyone has their own preferred way to consume marijuana. But is there one form that's superior to all the rest? Well, at least in legal marijuana states, the answer is yes.

RTI International conducted a study of marijuana users in legal states to determine their favorite way to consume cannabis. According to their results, people much preferred edibles over all other forms.

“Our findings suggest that some people prefer edibles to smoking marijuana because there is no smell from smoke and no secondhand smoke,” said Sheryl Cates, a senior research public health analyst at RTI. “They also liked edibles over smoking for their convenience, discreetness, longer-lasting highs, and less intense highs. Some participants said that for them, consuming edibles provided better pain and anxiety relief than smoking.”

RTI also said that because there's a delayed high when ingesting edibles when compared to smoking marijuana, people will often consume greater amounts of the drug to feel the effects faster. This can lead to people consuming more than intended, and they believe greater education should be made available on the issue.

“Importantly, the delayed high from edibles vs. smoking or vaping marijuana, may contribute to consumers ingesting a greater than intended amount of the drug before they feel high,” said Cates. “Informing the public on delayed activation, accidental ingestion, proper dosing and harmful effects will help consumers make better decisions and help protect public health.”

And while substituting edibles for other forms of drugs wasn't a focus of the RTI study, the researchers also believe that very well could be the case.

“Although this study did not examine whether edibles are used as a substitute for other drugs, a growing body of research suggests that greater availability of marijuana may reduce use of pain medications, and may reduce the frequency and amount of opioid consumption," said RTI Research Public Health Analyst Jane Allen.

So the next time you're inviting friends over, leave your bong in the closet and begin preheating the oven because that's what your friends are going to like more.

(h/t RTI International)


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