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How Legal Marijuana Could Flip the Senate to the Democrats

This November Democrats are hoping to use anti-Trump sentiment to help win back the House of Representatives and the Senate. But it turns out they should maybe be using a strategy that incorporates a little ganja. 

Politico recently ran a feature about how marijuana legalization could help Democrats retake the Senate this November. They noted that supporting marijuana legalization can help moderate Democrats win support among the most liberal voters in their states, and in states with legalization already (like Nevada), Democrats can build bipartisan coalitions around the issue. There will also be states this November with marijuana ballot initiatives, and that will also help drive voters for Democrats who also support cannabis.

They also noted that considering the huge support for legalization (around two-thirds of the country), Republicans are oftentimes putting themselves at a disadvantage by opposing an issue the vast majority of Americans approve. 

There is some disagreement though about how much marijuana legalization actually affects a voter's choice. Cannabis advocates point to victories such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent victory in a New York Democratic primary or Conor Lamb's victory in a Pennsylvania congressional election as proof that supporting cannabis can lead to surprising victories. 

However, many polls find that while the majority of Americans may support marijuana legalization, it's often very low on their priorities and they'll often take other issues into account ahead of it. That's part of the reason so many Republicans are able to continue their anti-marijuana stances despite the fact that even the majority of GOP voters approve of legalization.

But it's definitely possible that marijuana could become an issue in some races and it could also swing enough voters to determine the fate of the Senate.

(h/t Politico)


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