Cannabis Grower Starts Artist-In-Residence Program

It's no secret that marijuana can help boost the creative process. But now the cannabis industry in Canada is helping one filmmaker take his career to a higher level. Earlier this week, director Ezra Soiferman of Montreal was picked as the first "artist-in-residence" for Tweed, one of Canada's largest legal cannabis producers. 

The goal of the program is created to bring "art to cannabis and cannabis to art," according to Tweed's press release.

"As an emerging brand in an emerging industry, we want to be able to tell our story in creative ways to make memorable and unique first impressions," Martin Strazovec - Tweed's Chief Creative Officer - is quoted in the press release. "Ezra is a gifted storyteller who will help us expand our reach through his art."

Soiferman was a natural choice for the position given his art and activism. He has co-directed the controversial marijuana comedy Pressure Drop (1994), which is about an elderly man opting to use marijuana to treat his glaucoma. Nowadays that is almost commonplace, but in the mid 90s - when medical marijuana was illegal in Canada - the film caused controversy. In 2006, he created the Hemp for the Homeless project, which donated hemp-based food and clothes to homeless shelters in Montreal. More recently, he directed the CBC documentary movie Grass Fed (2015), which examined the world of cannabis edibles.

Soiferman's first project as part of the Tweed residency is The Walls of Montreal, a short music film that you can view online featuring some of the 1,500+ street art murals he photographed on the streets of his hometown. The video features music by American folk-rocker Josh Ritter and makes its film festival premiere August 26 at Montreal’s NDG Off The Wall Film Festival.

Here's a sneak peak at "Grass Fed," featuring Snoop Dogg's medical marijuana "doctor" and a tour of a California dispensary. The documentary is available on iTunes Canada, and iTunes USA.

Banner Image: Tweed's First Artist in Residence, Ezra Soiferman. (CNW Group/Canopy Growth Corporation)


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