Lebron James Could Switch Teams Because His Owner's a Trump Supporter

Many celebrities claimed they would move out of the United States if Donald Trump began president. And while that did not happen, there is one person who may leave their current home thanks to Trump: Lebron James.

Respected NBA reporter and insider Chris Sheridan recently wrote that he believes Lebron James will leave his current team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, because the owner is a supporter of President Trump. Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is a major Trump supporter who donated $750,000 to the president's inauguration fund. Meanwhile, James has spoken out against the president on multiple occasions, referred to him as a "bum" on Twitter and recently began a feud with Fox News host Laura Ingraham who told the NBA star to "shut up and dribble."

For those wondering how well-connected and reputable Sheridan is, in 2010 he correctly predicted that James would leave Cleveland to join the Miami Heat and in 2014 reported that he was returning to the Cavaliers about two days before any other media outlet reported the same.

It should probably be noted that James' relationship with Gilbert was strained prior to Trump's election. Gilbert infamously posted a blog where he criticized James for leaving the Cavs in 2010, and many believe that the personal attacks in that post were never forgiven by James.

Also, considering most NBA owners are rich, old white guys, many of the teams that would be suitors for James would also most likely be Trump supporters. 

(h/t NJ.com)


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