Company Says 'Discreet Consumption Of Cannabis Beverages' Is The Future

Even in legalized states, consuming cannabis in public is often a murky, if not outright illegal, activity. This presents a problem for the growing cannabis industry that wants to capitalize on serving tourists and hosting social events that offer up cannabis for sale. A family company called Le Herbe thinks it has the perfect solution: cannabis cocktails.

Le Herbe, which bills itself as an ultra-premium brand, is not new to cannabis beverages. The company was founded by cannabis activists in 2014 and offers up bottled green tea, coffee, and water THC-infused beverages.

The latest offering of small 50ml size bottles containing between 10 and 50mg of cannabis sativa do not contain booze, but are targeted towards cocktail mixologists and party hosts who are looking for ways to add cannabis to their offerings. Le Herbe says they came up with the idea after visiting "numerous pubs, martini bars, music venues, and night clubs all across the country."

“The great men and women who prepare these drinks want to add cannabis to their drink menu, but don’t have the time or expertise to create cannabis formulations that taste good and function properly”, said Marc LaRoche, CEO, Le Herbe. “We are more than happy to help out the craft cocktail scene because our cannabis cocktail mixer is all-natural, third party lab tested for quality, and safe to consume”.

The company says bar tenders should be cautious and mix in low doses of the the product until the effects are well understood with their consumers. As a general rule, effects of the THC should take hold about 20-30 minutes after consumption and last for several hours.

Le Herbe says they are participating in a "420 Tour Across America" to find the best craft bar tenders and further explore mixing cannabis and cocktails, so if you live in a legal state, you might meet-up with the purveyors of these new cannabis beverages on a night out.


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