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Bill Maher Says Be Civil - Just Like Matt Damon And Jimmy Kimmel

John Oliver celebrated his Emmy win this week by releasing a Last Week Tonight highlight that shows why he deserved the award. Last fall, Oliver did some myth busting after news broke that one of the perpetrators of the Paris Attacks may have entered Europe by posing as a refugee. That report made some American lawmakers call for stricter regulations on resettling Syrian refugees. 

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was one of the loudest voices stoking hysteria. He used a food analogy to argue that America can't risk letting in refugees if a few might be covert terrorists. "If you bought a five-pound bag of peanuts. And you knew that in the five-pound bag of peanuts, there were about 10 peanuts that were deadly poisonous, would you feed them to your kids? The answer is no."

But Oliver crunched the numbers and found that you're in greater danger of being killed by Mike Huckabee than a Syrian refugee. "The actual known ratio of arrested terror suspects to refugees is not one in 100. It's one in roughly 261,000. Peanuts themselves have killed far more people in the last decade than terrorist refugees...Men named Mike have killed more people than terrorist refugees, and I don't see us rounding them up."

Check out the clip below and scroll though the rest of this week's round up of the best of late-night TV, including Matt Damon's ongoing war with Jimmy Kimmel, Hillary Clinton's defense of seriousness, and Bill Maher's Plea For Civility.

Matt Damon Mocks Jimmy Kimmel

Not everyone was happy for John Oliver. Jimmy Kimmel - who MC'd this year's Emmy Awards - was noticeably rankled after his defeat. But someone else on stage was delighted.

After Oliver left with the trophy in tow, Matt Damon wandered up to Kimmel and rubbed salt in his fresh wound. "I missed the last category," Damon said while munching an apple. "Did you win?"

"No, we didn't win," Kimmel said.

"That's a bummer. But it makes a lot of sense," Damon added. The awkward exchange was the latest skirmish in the ongoing feud between Kimmel and Damon. Check out the clip from the Emmy's for Damon's best diss - a throwback to his Oscar-winning film Good Will Hunting.

Why so serious, Hillary?

The Democratic nominee stopped by The Tonight Show to chat with Jimmy Fallon about the trouble candidates - especially female politicians - face while trying to be serious but also personable on the campaign trail.

"The other night, I was on a show and being asked about ISIS and Iran. And I was serious. These are serious issues that the country needs to talk about. And the Republicans were saying, 'Oh, she looks so serious.' Well, you don't talk about ISIS with a big grin on your face."

And she doesn't think you should mince words either. Clinton made her stance on ISIS perfectly clear. "They're a barbaric, evil group that we have to defeat and wipe out."


Maher pleads for political civility

Regardless of who wins the 2016 election, Bill Maher wants to see civility return to American politics. And when the Real Time host - who refers to Donald Trump as "orange Hitler" - thinks partisanship has gotten too nasty, you know things have gotten really bad. Some blame The Donald for the nasty tone of this year's campaign, but Maher says the Republican nominee is the product, not the producer of this toxic political climate.

"Donald Trump didn't create this swamp. He just rose from it. He and Hillary are the first two candidates in memory not to call and congratulate each other after they won their respective races. Forever that is what people did. Even Al Gore called George W. Bush after he lost - and he didn't even lose!"


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