Video: Trump Sued By Child Singers, Gets A Noogie From Jimmy Fallon

Republican nominee Donald Trump is the most sued presidential candidate in American history. He's been involved in 3,500 lawsuits and counting. The latest legal action is probably the most embarrassing for him and his campaign.

Back in January, Trump hired the USA Freedom Kids - a patriotic song and dance troupe - to warm up the crowd before The Donald's speech in Pensacola, Florida. It was a heartwarming scene...if you like fascism. Perhaps we're a bit oversensitive, but there's something unsettling about little girls in star-spangled attire singing, "Deal from strength or get crushed every time."

What's even more absurd is how they were repaid for their efforts. 

"Donald Trump stiffed the USA Freedom Kids," Seth Meyers revealed earlier this week on Late Night. "Trump is being sued by a group of children because he won't pay them. Think about how sad that is. Right now, the USA Freedom Kids are sitting at home trying to think of words that rhyme with subpoena."

But that problem's nothing compared to the Trump campaign's recent downsizing. "[M]ost normal presidential candidates have policy offices where staffers work on ideas to fill out a candidate's platform," Meyers said. "But Trump's policy office quickly fell apart [in August] once again because he stiffed people."

Check out the full story plus some other highlights from this week in late night talkshows.

1. Trump's financial fiascoes


2. Corden stumps for Nelly

One of the biggest celebrity news stories last week was Nelly's dire straits. The rapper - who became famous with the 2002 hit Hot in Herre - owes the IRS more than $2-million. And fans are rallying to his cause by streaming his hit on Spotify. And James Corden of The Late, Late Show endorsed the campaign last week.

"I want him to get the money back. I don't know what my teenage years would've been like without that song," he said before playing the tune so that Nelly could collect royalties.

But Corden couldn't help taking a couple shots at the rapper during the opening monologue. "I guess now when Nelly sings 'If you want to go and take a ride with me,' it's only because he's working as an Uber driver," he quipped.


3. Kimmel's Rebuttal to 'Sully'

The top movie at the box office last week was the Sully, starring Tom Hanks as the pilot who saved 155 passengers and crew by making an emergency landing on the Hudson River after the plane hit a flock of birds. But the staff of Jimmy Kimmel Live! felt that movie was only telling half the story. So they put together a trailer for the fake movie "Blood on the Hudson," which retells the events of 'Sully' from the birds' perspective. 


4. Fallon noogies Trump

We'll circle back to The Donald for the last hit. The Republican nominee's hair became Jimmy Fallon's stress pillow last week on The Tonight Show. During the interview, Fallon asked if he could mess up Trump's hair, and the candidate obliged.


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