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Tom Hanks Asks Zoltar The Fortune Teller To Turn Back Father Time

Stephen Colbert's top guest this week was Tom Hanks, who surprised fans by staging a sequel to his 1988 hit film Big. Hanks played himself, trying to find Zoltar, the magical fortune-telling machine from the movie. When he does, he asks Zoltar to make him 30 again, which the fortune-telling agrees to do...for a price.

Check out the clip below and scroll through our gallery to check out the best of this week's late night TV.

1. Deepak Chopra on Donald Trump's genitals

Chopra is arguably best known for known for those motivational quotes that yoga junkies post on Facebook. So it was surprising when he harshly criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump earlier this week. 

"His consciousness is stuck in his genitals," Chopra told Conan O'Brien. "He's incapable of moving beyond the emotional development of a three year old. He's incapable of being centered, intuitive. He has no insight, no intuition, no creativity, no vision, no capacity to offer hope, trust, stability or compassion."

And that's only the start of his assessment of Trump. 

2. Trump gropes a flag

Donald Trump offered evidence to support Chopra's analysis this week when he got into another groping controversy. The awkward moment occurred at a campaign event when The Donald walked across the stage and wrapped his arms around the American flag. Presumably, this was meant to be an act of patriotism. But Stephen Colbert found the whole thing seedy.

"He knows we salute the flag in America, right? You don't dry hump it," he said on The Late Show. "This might be the first time in history a flag burns itself," he added.

3. Justin Timberlake's selfie PSA

Singer Justin Timberlake nearly ended up in jail this week after encouraging fans to vote. Timberlake took a picture of himself casting a ballot in his hometown of Memphis this week and uploaded it on Instagram to motivate voters. But that's a crime according to Tennessee state law, which forbids taking photos or videos inside election booths.

Fortunately, JT wasn't charged. But he did a little community service anyway by using his latest appearance on The Tonight Show to tell Americans not to repeat his mistake.

4. Fixing Hockey

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and comedian Bill Burr sat down with Bill Simmons this week to chat about the National Hockey League's struggle to compete with the other major league sports in America. But neither thought the NHL should change anything to attract more fans.

"There's nothing wrong with [hockey]," Burr said. "If you want to build the sport, you've got to do what the NFL does. They gotta wear pink for a whole month. And Katy Perry sings during half-time. When you try to become super popular, it goes off the rails."

"I can't imagine the [Boston] Bruins or [Philadelphia] Flyers wearing pink," Gretzky added. Then again, if anyone can pull off pink in hockey, it might be a team as tough as the old Broad Street Bullies.


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